Mayor Ayek 2016 barong     Welcome to City of Tandag!

It is with great pride and honor that LGU Tandag has finally come up with a website known as  This is another milestone and indication that we have joined other

institution and organizations in its quest for "connectivity" through social networking.

It is now, more than ever, that we will be able to reach out to our beloved Tandaganons, and even those in other parts of the world to know that Tandag is existing and continue to grow despite of the multifarious challenges we are facing. As the saying goes "the world is getting smaller everyday". In just a matter of seconds we could easily contact people who we wish to communicate regardless of distance.

This is the advent of time, that with globalization coming now, it is more urgent to wake up and join in responding to the product of knowledge - based technology. Now is the time, more that ever to make a difference, to create awareness through our website.

Finally, we urge those who would like to contribute, ideas or comments which is developmental and in line with our LGU Vision and Mission.


Mayor Alexander "AYEK" T. Pimentel